Multi-Session Discounts

Are you ready to commit to your continual healing, expansion and growth by giving yourself the gift of ongoing support?

Healing is not a one and done experience. It’s a process that unfolds over time. Committing to ongoing Reiki healing “tune-ups” is a beautiful gift to give your future self. And to reward (and encourage) that level of commitment, I offer deep discounts when you commit to your healing long-term.

The more you come, the more you save.

Save $50 when you purchase 3 reiki sessions, save $125 when you purchase 6 and save $300 when you purchase 12 reiki sessions. You get to decide the pace at which you use these sessions. Come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at whatever pace is right for you in this season of life. Book ahead or book as you go. These sessions will not expire and I will work with you to ensure that you can use them all at times that are conducive to your schedule.

Reiki promotes and supports healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of one’s being.

Energy healing is personal and everyone's journey (healing or spiritual) is different. No two people walk the same path. So there is no way to predict the outcome or the amount of time needed for one's goals to be achieved.

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Reiki does not take the place of medical care.

Reiki can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving.

The body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation through Reiki is often beneficial. Long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.

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