The Personal Peace Project

“I got brave and gave myself the gift of support.”

Taking the leap to invest in my own healing by working 1:1 with the incredible teachers, coaches and healers who have crossed my path over the years is where all of the magical leaps have taken place in my personal growth and my life. It was a big deal to signup with my first teacher. But in my very first month, I experienced growth and positive change beyond my wildest imagination. I’m so excited for you to invest in yourself this way. And I’m so honored to have been placed on your sacred healing path. This journey is a “We thing.” You, me and the Universe. I can't wait to see what we discover, uncover and create together. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. I’m here!

The Personal Peace Project

The Personal Peace Project is a transformational spiritual self-care course that has a beautiful balance of both structure and room for flow.

There is a 7 week curriculum that we will follow, but it’s also deeply individual. We’ll be following your flow, your preferences, your needs in each 1:1 session.

Enrollment for the Fall 2022 Personal Peace Project is now open! I’m keeping it extra cozy this season so spots are limited to the first 5 women who sign-up. Three spot have already been snagged, so that means there are only a couple of spots left. Let’s connect ASAP if you’re interested!

Book your free 45 minute Clarity Zoom to discuss all of the details and find out if The Personal Peace Project would be a gift to your journey and your life this Fall.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what The Personal Peace Project Alums have to say about their experience…

“Ever since our last meeting I have had a strong desire to shout out to the world how much your program has blessed me and how much other women could benefit.”

-Amber D, Minnesota

"I had multiple friends, including my husband see the transformation in me during my time doing The Personal Peace Project. I was more in-tune to my feelings and explored what I truly want for my life."

-Allison C, West Seattle

“I just loved the whole experience. I knew I would gain some valuable tools but the program far exceeded my expectations. In seven short weeks I went from a woman who identified mainly as a MOM who carried a lot of anxiety and always put her families needs first, to a woman who feels truly aligned with her higher self. A woman who is confident and not afraid to use her voice to speak her truth. I am now able to pour from a full cup because I am finally filling mine first.”

-Jocelyn P, Seattle

“There are not enough words in the English language to express my appreciation for Katie Englund. Her work is beyond phenomenal. Her personality coupled with her expertise is healing, therapeutic, gentle, firm, educational, and dynamic. She was my student and I am proud to say that now I am her student.“

-SheAh Prince Eternal, Long Beach, CA

“I felt so grateful to have such genuine support during a period of time when I could really benefit from it. The timing from the universe was perfect. I was going through great unease with certain situations in my life, and the program helped me find myself and gain clarity. I feel much more peace within myself. There are bumps here and there, but I am now able to ground myself more quickly instead of being down for days and days. Thank you for helping me believe that I have a divine support team. I am supported and it is safe to be loved… it is safe to enjoy my life!!!”

-Jessica, Seattle

Thank you for being so warm and genuine and supportive throughout The Personal Peace Project!!! Thank for for providing a space where I could be super honest and release a lot of my concerns and emotions.

-Jess, Seattle

Custom Healing Package

I’d love to create a package that work for you, your life and your goals. Let’s set up a complimentary Clarity Zoom to discuss some options and make a plan for you!

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