REIKI Energetic Healing Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that works much like acupuncture. Instead of using needles however, Reiki uses universal energy harnessed by the practitioner that is transferred using a gentle touch of the hands.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

During an In-Person Session you will lie down on my Reiki table. You will stay fully clothed. I have pillows and blankets to make sure you are comfortable. Comfortable clothing recommended as well. I will use light touch to channel the Reiki.

During a Zoom Reiki session, I will ask that you are lying down in a quiet environment where you will not be interrupted.

During a distance session, the Reiki Healer can send Reiki across time and space to the client. My own experience of distance healing has been just as powerful as in-person.

For both In-Person and Zoom I will begin the session by guiding you through a relaxing visualization before I begin transmitting the healing Reiki energy.

At the end of each session to discuss what came up for both of us during the session, I will share insight on what came through and we will create a custom after care plan for you to give yourself ongoing energetic healing support.

Multi-session discount

Are you ready to commit to your continual healing, expansion and growth by giving yourself the gift of ongoing support? Healing is not a one and done experience. It’s a process that unfolds over time. Committing to ongoing Reiki healing “tune-ups” is a beautiful gift to give your future self. And to reward (and encourage) that level of commitment, I offer deep discounts when you commit to your healing long-term.

You get to decide the pace at which you use these sessions. Come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Book ahead or book as you go. These sessions do not expire, however I encourage you to use them monthly or quarterly for maximum cumulative benefit!

Also, many people ask, can I share my Reiki package? The answer is yes! You are welcome to gift sessions from your package to friends and loved ones.

4- Session Reiki Package

Many of my clients like to see me quarterly for a seasonal tune-up. I created this package to support that desire for seasonal self-care. By purchasing 4 sessions in advance, you save $111 (or $27.75 per session) What a great way to support your ongoing healing and awakening journey!

6- Session Reiki Package

Best value! When you purchase 6 sessions in advance, you pay just $185 per 90 minute session. Just imagine what could open up for you over the course of a year with the support of Reiki every other month?  


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