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“Things got better because I got better.”

The first step I took on my energetic healing journey as a mom was to join in community with other humans who were also seeking a more peaceful and joy-filled path. The Mama Be Well  Group Healing Zooms were born out of my desire to create a safe and sacred space for women to share this healing journey as women and moms. Motherhood is a powerful catalyst for awakening. We are motivated to address our unhealed pain so we can show our children how it’s done. So much magic unfolds when we choose to share our stories and struggles with others who are on this healing path. New clues present themselves. New action steps become clear. Our compassion for ourselves deepens as we listen to other moms who are struggling in similar ways. Together, we heal. Together, we call our power back. Together, we become the women we were born to be.

Where we’ll meet

We’ll join together for 75 minutes in a private Zoom meeting room. This will be a safe and sacred space for community, healing and support.

What we’ll learn.

During each 75 minute group session, I will lead the group in healing visualizations as well as EFT tapping. Together, we’ll dive deep to discover what our needs truly are in this moment. Participants are invited to share and take up space with their current journey. During each class, we’ll come up with simple actions that we can take to make sure that our needs are being met on a consistent basis. The “borrowing” benefits of witnessing one another’s healing process are immense. I’m so thrilled to share in this experience with whoever is drawn to it. It’s going to be beautiful.

Questions? Email me at mamabewellreiki@gmail.com

Custom Group Healing Sessions

Custom Group Healing Sessions both in-person and over Zoom are available to groups of 4 or more upon request. Email to request a private group healing experience for you and your friends.


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Upgrade for 1:1 support

In addition to spending time with my healing community, having a 1:1 relationship with the teachers, healers and coaches that I’ve worked with has been key to my healing & growth. I’m so honored to now be in position to offer the same kind of 1:1 support that my teachers have given me. I invite you to give yourself the gift of support and upgrade to one of these 1:1 healing packages.

Contact Me

Have questions? Not sure which package is right for you? Send me an email. I’m here!

Email me at mamabewellreiki@gmail.com

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